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Our Philisophy

At Global Village Learning, our classrooms are alive with curiosity and the buzz of big ideas. Drawing from Montessori roots, we empower learners to steer their own journey, shaping a future as bright and diverse as they are. It’s a place where learning is loved, where critical thinking meets creativity, and adaptability is part of the daily lesson plan. Here, every learner gears up to thrive in a world that’s always changing, with a sense of purpose and the skills to match. Come join us, and let’s get ready for tomorrow, together!

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“Young people have far greater capacity than we give them credit for.”

Peter Hutton, Executive Director, Global Village Learning

Your learning journey at GVL is not about your year level, it is about your Personalised Learning Plan.

At Global Village Learning, our educational journey is divided into four distinct stages, each fostering growth and discovery:

  • Cycle 1 (Kinder and Prep): A nurturing beginning where our youngest learners engage in foundational literacy and numeracy within a playful and personalized learning environment.
  • Cycle 2 (Years 1-3): A time of exploration where students expand their learning through hands-on projects and creative expression, building on core academic skills.
  • Cycle 3 (Years 4-6): Deeper dives into knowledge with a focus on critical thinking and problem-solving, preparing learners for more independent and collaborative work.
  • Senior Program (Years 7 – 9): Advanced projects and leadership opportunities empower students to innovate and apply their learning to real-world challenges.
  • Senior Program (Year 10 – 12): Tailored for maturing learners focusing on completing a VCE Vocational Major, this stage equips students with the expertise to build communities, carve their own pathways, and step confidently into higher education or the workforce.

GVL Montessori Hub (Kindy and Prep)

At the heart of Cycle 1 is our Montessori-inspired pedagogy, where we nurture the seeds of literacy, numeracy, and physical education in a learner-centered environment.

Our youngest students are immersed in a prepared environment that prioritizes their developmental needs and personal interests. The cycle is characterized by a strong sense of community, where active parental involvement and learner-led activities underpin a culture of respect and ethical behavior.

Students leave Cycle 1 with a foundation in core academic skills and an emerging sense of their role in the wider community.

Foundations and Play Hub (Grade 1, 2 and 3)

During these formative years, we focus on expanding our core learning through Masterclasses and offsite educational adventures, leveraging the strengths of our local community.

Technology integration and hands-on, minds-on learning are emphasized, with students engaging in personalized projects during the afternoon.

This cycle fosters holistic development, with students learning to set goals and take ownership of their educational journey, supported by our dedicated guides.

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Exploration and Discovery Hub (Grade 4, 5 and 6)

Students continue to build on their individualized progression, diving deeper into their passions and interests.

The curriculum is flexible, allowing for freedom within limits as students learn to navigate their learning paths and participate in sustainability and regeneration initiatives.

Through collaboration and peer feedback, they develop essential problem-solving skills and take part in social and entrepreneurial projects, preparing them to lead and innovate.

Entrepreneurship and Social Impact Hub (Year 7, 8 and 9)

In our this hub, students are at the forefront of educational innovation, leading community projects and exploring complex concepts through design thinking.

With a balance of guided and self-directed learning, they develop sophisticated skills in inquiry and critical analysis.

Our focus on ethics and integrity prepares them to face global challenges with confidence, while our Healthy Food Program and project time in the afternoons ensure that their development is both intellectual and community-oriented.

Pathways and Possibilities Hub (Year 10, 11 and 12)

At the pinnacle of our learning stages, Year 11 and 12 at Global Village Learning focus on equipping learners with specialized skills and qualifications through the completion of a VCE Vocational Major.

This stage is thoughtfully designed to empower our oldest students to architect their futures, whether that be launching into community-building initiatives, pioneering their own business ventures, or transitioning seamlessly into tertiary education and the workplace.

With options like a Diploma in Business among others, learners refine their passions into practical skills, ensuring they are well-prepared to make a positive and impactful stride into the world beyond our village.

* We are currently in the process of applying for GVL to extend its offerings to an extension to Year 11 and 12. This is anticipated to begin in 2025.

Personalised Learning Plans for Everyone

At Global Village Learning, our educational approach is intricately designed around Personalised Learning Plans and four-week sprints that emphasize design thinking and authentic project-based learning. These sprints allow learners to deeply engage with their interests and passions through real-world projects, fostering both critical and creative thinking.

Twice each term, our community—comprising parents, guides, and learners—gathers to tailor these plans. These PLP Meetings are essential for setting specific goals for the upcoming sprint, reflecting on the previous four weeks of immersive learning, and strategizing on achieving the next set of objectives. Each sprint culminates in Edventure Week, a vibrant showcase where students present their projects, celebrating their explorations and innovations.

This structured yet flexible approach ensures that learning at Global Village is not only personalized but also dynamically aligned with each learner’s passions, preparing them to navigate and impact the world effectively.

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