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A little about GVL

Empowerment for Social Impact

In establishing the case for change, it is difficult to surpass the language of the UNESCO Report – Reimagining our Futures Together – A new social contract for education, 2021.

Our world is at a turning point. We already know that knowledge and learning are the basis for renewal and transformation. But global disparities – and a pressing need to reimagine why, how, what, where, and when we learn – mean that education is not yet fulfilling its promise to help us shape peaceful, just, and sustainable futures.

In our quest for growth and development, we humans have overwhelmed our natural environment, threatening our own existence. Today, high living standards coexist with gaping inequalities. More and more people are engaged in public life, but the fabric of civil society and democracy is fraying in many places around the world. Rapid technological changes are transforming many aspects of our lives. Yet, these innovations are not adequately directed at equity, inclusion, and democratic participation.

Everyone today has a heavy obligation to both current and future generations – to ensure that our world is one of abundance not scarcity, and that everyone enjoys the same human rights to the fullest. Despite the urgency of action, and in conditions of great uncertainty, we have reason to be full of hope. As a species, we are at the point in our collective history where we have the greatest access ever to knowledge and to tools that enable us to collaborate. The potential for engaging humanity in creating better futures together has never been greater.  <UNESCO REPORT 2021>

Our Strategic Plan

At Global Village Learning, ‘Yes’ is the default…

“Young people have a greater capacity than we give them credit for.”

The underestimation of their creativity and capacity to make an immediate and direct positive impact on the world around them, is widely held by educators, parents, the media, employers, politicians and as a result of everyone else’s low expectations, this view is also shared by the vast majority of young people.

Imagine an extensive network of small learning communities where each person is well known, with the freedom, flexibility and autonomy to focus on magnifying the ideas and passions of learners to build a better world, using enterprise skills to bring their plans into reality, supported with access to resources, caring and capable mentors and genuine experts in their fields over multiple years. What could these communities achieve?

Peter Hutton – Executive Director

Peter is a visionary leader with over 30 years of educational leadership expertise and is known for his transformational insights and commitment to innovative, student-empowered learning. Peter’s strength is in transformational insights and providing the detail on “HOW” to implement change in schools.

When Peter was the Principal of Templestowe College in 2009, the school became one of Australia’s most innovative schools, with TC’s “Yes is the default” policy included in the top 100 most innovative educational concepts in the world by Finland’s hundrED organisation. He also introduced a Montessori secondary stream that included extensive animal programs, permaculture, entrepreneurship, and individualised learning plans for each student.

Message from Peter 

At the heart of every great school are fully engaged and empowered students, parents, teachers, and community members who rally behind a common vision to contribute to life giving education.

Each day I wake up with a sense of hope and clarity around what is possible when we truly empower students to be active participants in their learning and co-learners with teachers.

As a local resident and community member, I am enjoying developing our school into a beacon of possibilities as we build upon our mission of Montessori-inspired, student-empowered, and future-focused schooling.

The Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors at Global Village Learning is an assembly of accomplished professionals, each bringing their own slice of innovation and passion to our table.

This eclectic group is a blend of visionary educators and astute business minds, all united by a common goal: to steer our learning community towards new horizons of educational excellence. Their diverse expertise ensures we strike a balance between cutting-edge pedagogical practices and sound fiscal management, laying a strong foundation for a school that’s as sustainable as it is forward-thinking.

They are the guiding stars of GVL, illuminating paths for growth, creativity, and community impact.

  • Jeff McFarlaneBoard ChairpersonHaving experience in business analysis, compliance, governance and training development, I am excited to contribute to the schools journey in inspiring our children towards a lifelong love of learning.
  • Pasi SahlbergDirectorI work as a professor of educational leadership at the University of Melbourne. Since being a schoolteacher in Finland many years ago I have worked with schools, communities, and policymakers to make school education an enriching experience for all children. My passion is to help schools to be more creative, fun, and collaborative places where the power of imagination would drive the whole-school improvement.
  • Celia FranzeDirectorI am an Education Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in schools education management. Skilled in K-12 Education, Coaching, Educational Leadership, Learning and Teaching, School Improvement, Change Management and Instructional Design.
  • Alex StolDirectorI have worked across education, community, government, and corporate sectors and now have a business in culture transformation which supports education reform. I have two children aged 18 and 20, who attended Steiner and public schools. I have been on school council for three schools – primary to secondary.
  • Pip CleavesBoard Secretary I love supporting school communities to create learning environments and experiences that develop the superpowers that each of our students hold in their souls. I am passionate about supporting schools to create true personalised learning experiences.

Our Leadership Team

At Global Village Learning, we champion a collaborative leadership model that resonates with our ethos of community and innovation. Our leadership team brings together a mosaic of expertise, experience, and a shared passion for transformative education.

They’re not just decision-makers but facilitators, mentors, and visionaries committed to empowering every learner and guide. With open doors and open minds, they work shoulder-to-shoulder with the community to navigate the exciting landscape of learning at GVL.

Meet the team driving our mission forward — a team as diverse and dynamic as the world we’re preparing our learners to lead.

  • Peter Hutton – Executive Director
  • Pip Cleaves – Associate Principal
  • Sabuhi Chishty – Deputy Principal and ‘GVL Montessori Hub’ Lead
  • Matt Pitman – ‘Entrepreneurship and Social Impact Hub’, and ‘Possibilities and Pathways Hub’ Lead
  • Karlisa Smy – ‘Foundations and Play Hub’ and ‘Exploration and Discovery Hub’ Lead

Our Location

Global Village Learning is located on the outskirts of Gisborne, a picturesque country town graced with tree-lined streets, nestled at the foot of Mt Macedon. We occupy a 10-acre site on Barringo Road, within a five minute walking distance of Gisborne station and about forty-five minutes drive on the Calder Fwy from Melbourne. Once a paddock, grazed by horses and devoid of trees, it now encourages biodiversity, links wildlife corridors and creates habitats for native species of plants and animals.

Despite being a major urban centre, Gisborne still retains its village character. The town combines old and new, rural and suburban. It brims with modern cafés and boutiques against a setting of mature oaks, heritage buildings and country homesteads. Find out more about Gisborne here.

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Empowering learners to build communities that positively impact the world.

Global Village Learning is a Child Safe School.

Gisborne Campus

57 Barringo Rd,
New Gisborne, VIC 3438
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